1417 Galisteo St, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Galisteo Street Studio is a multi-functional 1400 square foot non-toxic printmaking facility a little more than 1 mile from the Santa Fe Plaza. The studio features options ranging from fully assisted one on one private sessions to intimate custom made workshops for up to 6 participants. It is equipped with a variety of adjustable height tables, glass palettes, a full supply of Akua water-based non-toxic inks, and a wide range of brayers, inking knives and assorted tools for monotype, collage, Solarplate, ImagOn and custom projects. Artists of all levels of experience can spread out while working in private or shared assisted sessions. There are two intaglio presses, 30”x 48” Takach and 38”x 74” Wepplo, a 30”x 40” vacuum frame exposure unit and a 24 inch Epson ink jet printer. Six large skylights provide enough diffused daylight that artificial lights are often unnecessary. The outdoor orchard is a great spot to enjoy a break.